June 02, 2014
Hi, actually I like my statement

My name is Ujie or some of my friends call me Rozy, dosen't matter .... :)

Yeahh I'm wearing Premium Beautiful corset since 6 months back.

This is me before I'M wearing Premium beautiful corset..

Oh I'm so embarrassing ... Some time camera 360 help me .. I'll always tell my boyfriend to snap my from up of my belly so my friend will no see my belly jelly tummy.... so tired to be like this.. some of the jealous people who hate me say " HEY FAT WOMEN, YOU ARE SO UGLY WITH YOU FAT ON YOU..HAHAHHA !!!"


Some time year 2013, I took initiative to diet, hard diet ... yeayyy I loose my weight ... from 78kg to 63kg ...
but... on april after my birthday....I have been detect with a large sad's been a long time inside me.

Thanks to DR FADZLINA she has detect my fibroid...I'm going to KPJ SELANGOR ... I have been loose my blood until my blood reading down to 2 out of 10, gosh.. I didn't tell my parents, I don't want my parents worry about me. I tell my 2 sister and brother only.

Finally my 24.05.2013, doctor remove my fibroid its 13 cm diameter ...

And I can't diet  anymore until i'm fully recovery .... as usually my fat will come back...
Try to fine a solution .... until I find PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET, its so amazing and turn my body to fabulous body shape ...

This is not me, but this is I'm wearing right now, my best friend ever ......

Hi, Its me again .. Ujie 2014

January 2014, I'v been attend training how to wear Premium Beautiful with the right way, expert from company has been train us how to wear this Beautiful Corset so we can get the best result figure ever.

Glade to help your all out there to get the beautiful figure ever without prejudice, do call / whatsapp / sms me @ 0173305025 or pm me at my active FB

Love :)

Ramnah Rozianah Agah  (Ujie)

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